Wednesday 5 November 2014

Science: 5 Fireworks experiments

Here are all my science experiments that are great at this time of the year!

Here are five fun fireworks experiments...

This is a fun experiment for any age: Fireworks in a jar - ok it's not really fireworks but it does make for a very pretty and colourful show.

The Flame test - now this is rather spectacular is a great way to teach how all those colours in real fireworks are made!  All you need is plenty of pine cones and a few chemicals!

Fireworks in a microwave! This experiment does require adult supervision but it has a very cool effect!  Here's how to do it...

Freeze the glow! Another fun one for all ages. 

Hot iron - if you want to see the sparkler effect this is the one for you.  But remember to wear safety goggles! 

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