Thursday 21 May 2015

FREE entry: World Archaeological Festival

The UCL Institute of Archaeology emailed me to tell me they will soon be hosting the World Archaeology Festival.  It's a Free entry.  This is a one-day annual event taking place on Saturday 13th June from 12pm-5pm. 

There will be a range of drop-in activities suitable for all ages in the Institute building itself and in the adjacent surroundings of Bloomsbury’s Gordon Square, including:

  •          How to Make Flint Tools
  •          Prehistoric Butchery
  •          Fragmented Frescos
  •          Cave Painting
  •          Underwater Shipwreck
  •          Whose Poo?
  •          Pottery Making
  •          Sandpit Archaeology
  •          Fish Mummification

There will be hosted guided tours of the Institute's internationally acclaimed collections and there will be opportunities to handle archaeological finds.

Admission is free and no ticket required and the event is open to all.  I am really excited and hoping to make this event myself so I may see you there!

For more information about the activities check out there event page and website! 

For more information about archaeology check out CBA's Festival of Archaeology as well as The Institute of Archaeology.  There is also a Facebook page and they're on twitter.


  1. Posted this in CM. Love your blog. x

  2. This sounds really exciting. Just posted to my blog facebook page.

    1. Excellent! Thank you! It does sound ever so exciting! I am seriously trying to work on making it there myself!

  3. To live interesting is a style for some people. Archeology is one of my favourite subjects.

  4. Archeology is a very interesting science, because it is through it that we discover many puzzles of the past that we did not understand before.