Tuesday 18 August 2015

Human Anatomy Projects for Kids

Here I have compiled all my experiments and science projects that teach kids about how their body works using hands on fun activities!

First DNA as it's the recipe instructions to what makes us us!


How to make a model lung...

Learn about digestion...


  1. Awesome project resources! Thank you, thank you! I will be using some of these with my kids and my daughters Biology co-op group to add some excitement. :)

    1. You're welcome. I'd love to hear how it goes :)

  2. Hi lisa! Its amazing how kids are now more intelligent than we were during our young age. Teaching DNA for kids is quite complex as they do not understand what are the body organs first. So telling them what are the organs of the body , then what are the tissues and what is a cell and what is inside the cell is even hard.
    But by your experiments they can at-least know how the structure of DNA would be and it will a big task for mothers and teachers to make them know where the DNA is in their body..:-)