Friday 24 June 2011

Baby Jabs

I had to bring the brown bin round the front this morning for the bin collection.  I only went and stung myself on some stingers.  Didn't hurt for as long as usual though so not sure what happened there!  The rest of the morning was filled with workbooks and tidying.  Oh, and maybe a little bit of scrabble too.  Then I got ready for the doctors. 

I felt really apprehensive about getting the baby immunised today.  It's just we had such a bad experience last time. She got so ill, but that was 6 months or more ago and today she was a fit as a fiddle for definite.  It kind of made me feel worse in away.  My little baby H was laughing and smiling and generally in a good mood.  I felt a bit mean, knowing that I would have to subject her to a nurse with needles at the ready!

When I got there though, I felt different  The nurse was really nice and I found that having not having vaccinated her for so long I have managed to avoid a couple of immmunastions so she should be up to date as of next time... Phew!  The husband and I both felt it had to be done.  So, I gritted my teeth and braved it.

As the nurse and I got chatting, I discovered that she was looking into home-schooling for her own children.  She said she hadn't got any of her own 'yet' but she already knew that home-schooling was for her.  She wants to travel with her children and show them the world.  I think that is a fantastic idea. 

She also really listened.  I think having a nurse that actually 'really' listens to you makes such a difference.  Baby H hardly cried.  She whimpered a little on the way home and occasionally I heard her say 'ouch,' and saw her rub her legs saying 'ahh.'  Which was both very cute and very sad.  Fortunately, after a dose of paracetamol and a choccy biscuit, she was back to playing as usual once we were home.

Then we had a game of 'Chariots at the Circus'.  This game is great fun to make and great fun to play.  It certainly entertained my 6 year old and 8 year old.  I look forward to the next game.  There are 85 words to remember to be able to play this game.  But the thing I like best is that for beginners it comes with a hint scheet so if you don't know  or can't remember the word you can read out the hint to give you that bit more of a chance.  I have learnt so much and I think my girls did too.

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