Monday 27 June 2011

Sunday with Beatrix Potter!

I'd been looking forward to this weekend for a while now.  I knew the girls would love it as they all know the Beatrix Potter Characters so well.  And what a beautiful day for it!
I think the day is probably better told mainly in photos so here we are...

The beautiful lavender garden next to the mansion

An artist showing the children how to draw and paint the Beatrix Potter characters

C practising a bit of victorian style washing on Peter Rabbits hankerchief!

N hanging out the washing

HB trying out a bit of victorian ironing (The iron was cold)

The girls got to pet some of these stuffed animals.  But my eldest wouldn't give up asking why someone killed them.  No answer is really good enough to why a beautiful fox was killed.  I think Fantastic Mr Fox only makes children love foxes all the more.  I really hadn't realised how soft their fur is though.  The owl's feathers were amazing too.  The softest birds feathers I've ever touched I think.

HB made herself a pop up Peter Rabbit in a watering can puppet!
There was a lady acting as Beatrix Potter, dressed the part too, reading stories and showing the children the pictures.  talking as though they were actually her stories.

A fantastic day out.  Can't wait for tomorrow, we've got a sports day and this time it won't be cancelled.  Because there's going to be no rain!  Well, that's what the weather man said last I checked!

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