Monday 27 June 2011

Home Ed sports day!

What as amazing day to have a sports day.  After having to cancel due to down pours last week, the weather was certainly made up for it today.  It was just right in the shade of the big trees in our beautiful park.  Today was full of smiles, new friends, old friends and lots of laughter!

Here are some pictures from our Home ed sports day! 

Sack races!

And more sack races!

Baby H helping with the 3 legged races!

And more 3 legged races!

The balance a bean bag on your head race...
...Whoops HB dropped it!

Then of course the egg and spoon race!

We also did an obstacle course and a re-lay which were brilliant, but Baby H inconveniently wanted a feed, so no hands available for photo taking!  But an amazing day with amazing company.  

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