Monday 13 June 2011

Vikings, Latin and Beatrix Potter!

This weekend we've been busy.  Although the big two have finished their history project, they've still a viking model that they've been making with their dad...  I'm sure they'll get it done one day but at the moment they're just enjoying spending time together making it, which is sweet.

Not sure of how much help Daddy's actually getting!

We try to do something different with the girls every weekend.  This weekend we were busy on the Saturday as the girls have their swimming lessons so we fitted in a little coffee shop treat and then the Viking model above. 

Baby H...
... blowing kisses

Sunday.  Well, when we finally managed to get out the door, it was drizzly wet.  So, we decided that maybe a trip to the mansion (one of our local museums) might be nice.  We haven't been there for a while and they have a Beatrix Potter ballet display on at the moment.  Oh, how pleased the girls were!  Peter Rabbit, Miss Tiggywinkle, the two bad mice, Jemima Puddle duck and Mr Todd!  They were all the real costumes they used in the Ballet.  It was so amazing to see them up close.  They were so detailed, like they had jumped, magically, straight out of one her books.  I can't simply can't imagine being able to dance in them, they were so big.  I wonder how amazing would it be to see them in a performance?  Magical I think.  I would really love to take my eldest three.  There was also costumes from the Cinderella  Ballet, but the girls were just not as interested, the girls loved all the animals too much to notice them.  So now we're looking forward to the special Beatrix Potter open day and it's free!  Bonus!

HB and N were happily playing board games, so in between making the dinner, I wanted to spend some time with my special big girl C.  I had found a brilliant Latin site the other day, it has the most brilliant games to help children learn Latin.  So we began setting up the first board game we found.  C was already trying to read the Latin and attempting to workout what each word means as we were cutting out chariot horses.  Fortunately it also comes with a word guide, which I certainly need!  I'm sure I'll post more about it soon.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

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  1. Enjoyed catching up with your blog. The photo of the girls helping Dad made me smile!
    I'd love to visit the museum and see the costumes.