Thursday 14 July 2011

Maths Board Game - TENS AND UNITS

How to make this Tens and Units Game...
First to make the game you will need a piece of cardboard (from a cereal box will do) and cut it out so that it is a 15cm². 
Draw lines so that you have 25 neat 3cm² squares like this...


Now for the fun part!   Roll the two dice and choose one die to count your tens and the other to count your units.  Write each new number you make onto the board making sure there are no two same numbers or alternatively (not quite so much fun) copy the numbers off the board we made.

Get someone to neatly colour in the board so, in my daughters words, it is fun and bright!  So it looks a bit like the one above.  Then you can cover it in some of that sticky book covering stuff (I bet you’re loving my technical jargon!) or you could laminate it.

After that using some more cardboard of the same variety draw round a penny 20 times and carefully cut them out to make 20 counters.  Colour ten counters one colour and 10 counters another colour.

Now you have your board game, all you need is 2 dice and the instructions!


The aim of the game is to get all your counters onto the board before your opponent does.

First you roll the dice and choose one as your ten and one as your unit.  For example if you roll a 4 and a 6 you might choose to be 46.  If that number is on the board you may place one of your counters on it, that number will not be able to be used again.  It there was no 46 you could swap the numbers around to get 64.  If there is still no number on the board to match your dice then you miss your go and play goes to the next play.

Keep taking turns until one opponent has put all their counters on the board and whoever is the first to do this wins! The aim of the game is to get all your counters onto the board before your opponent does.

Designed and made by Naomi 6 years old - with a little help from her Mummy.


  1. Lisa, I did this with Jasmin today and she finally got the concept of tens and units, so thank you. A fab post. Debsxx

    1. That is like THE best comment to find on my blog! Thank you Debs! x