Friday 5 August 2011


Yes I've cracked it with the help of a friend.  It works and it's so easy that my six year old managed it!

Here we go you draw a Square and then over the top at a 45 degree angle draw another square exactly the same size.  You have an octagon.  Ok now lets make it easier.

Draw a square about the size you want your shape to be.  Now draw another square exactly the same size.

Cut out at one of the squares and layer it over the other so it looks like an eight pointed star, like this:

You can stick the square on top down with masking tape to make it easier for the child if you like and then use the square on top as a template to draw 4 right angle triangles on each corner of the bottom square, take the top square away and you have a perfect regular octagon.  Thanks to my friend Richard!

My N's regular octagon:

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