Thursday 4 August 2011

Science in the garden!

The girls had their friends round again, with all this lovely weather all the kids from the neighbourhood are coming out to play and of course it's their summer holidays.  After all the waterfight fun they had yesterday I thought I'd find them something a bit different to do today.  "Who wants to make fake snot?"  After Mondays group my older three were jumping up and down with excitment but the others were unsure.  But with a little explanation that it wasn't actually snot they were all just as eager.  Even Baby H was intrigued.

Our fake snot!

Baby H loved being able to walk around the garden.  She keeps on toddling about saying 'big gal' over and over.  Very cute!

Then I showed them how to make a periscope and oh what fun they had spying on the neighbours!

Then they messed around with the optic illusions set for a while until the heat got all too much for me so I went in with baby and attempted to tidy up!

We had our thunder storm tonight, so hopefully we'll have another dry day in store for us tomorrow.

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