Sunday 11 September 2011

Colchester Castle

What a fab day out we had today.  Wouldn't normally do it on a Saturday but seeing as it was free entry for the day though it was worth putting up with the crowds.  Mind you now I want to go back and again and experience it on a day when we can have it near enough to ourselves. 

The train ride made it all the more special for our girls.  Mind you baby was a little restless and frustrated by the journey at times.  She's not her usual happy self at the moment.  Not sure whether it's got to do with the weather or teething, perhaps both...

Anyway here's some photos of our day:

I had to add this hippo in. I'd love one of these in my garden!

They had a fantastic show outside the castle.  The girlsloved it too and we all learnt something new.
We had fun dropping a few coins down here!

How cute does little HB look!

N not impressed at how it must have felt to be a slave.

C and N learning a bit about archeology

The three girls had so much fun building their own arch.  A bit of science to boot!

C not looking happy as she was surprised how heavy a Norman Knights helmet is!

A fantastic day and one we're not going to forget that's for sure.  More photo's tomorrow as we're off to Jimmy's farm!  Hooray!


  1. I am always amazed at how amazing all the castles in the UK are. Is this one is Essex? Looks like a fun day out with lots of stuff for the little ones to get their hands in, always an important consideration with children:)

  2. Yes it is Essex! They are amazing I love all our historical buildings. They're absolutely fascinating!

    This one was very interactive though. The girls were still talking about it today even though we had another fantastic day out x

  3. Looks like a fantastic day out Lisa, I love castles too! Can't wait to see the photo's from the farm either x