Monday 12 September 2011

Jimmy's farm Harvest Festival!

What a wonderful day!  It all started at 7:38am when I was woken up by my little HB jumping up and down on the bed saying  "Wake up!  I'm 4 now!"  So cute.  She loved all her presents and all her cards.  C made her the lovelist handmade one.

We had a completely HB day.  It included cake for breakfast.  To be honest I couldn't handle it and gave in and had a bowl of cereal.  Party blowers were being sounded before 9 in the morning.  It was definitely a very unique birthday.

HB was extremely chuffed with the scooter her Daddy and I have bought her.  She's already been up and down the pavement outside with it several times and that's before we left for her birthday surprise this morning!

I can't believe, but I'm so pleased, that we managed to keep the whole Jimmy's Harvest Festival a secret and even better the Gruffalo.  I thought the secret would slip out somewhere.  I find it so difficult keeping secrets when they're as exciting and as fun as this!  I'm such a big kid! But I did it and even when I managed to get her sat down ready for the theatre production to begin, she still had no idea why we were there!  She nearly didn't see it.  She had been sitting waiting patiently for 20 or so minutes when it all got too much.  All of a sudden she got up and began to walk out of the big top where the performance was going to be held.  I do believe she thought we were there to watch stationary props and hear the birds tweet!  I had no choice but to give her a clue.  But it was 2 minutes to go so all was well.  What a brilliant theatre production for little ones!  Loved it.  I could watch it again more than happily.

We had wonderful fun on the helter skelter after that!  I'm glad that was before we ate though as I went down with HB!

Mr Tumble, Justin Fletcher, was there today as well but we weren't too bothered about him.  Well not bothered enough to wait in the massive queue just to say hello.  Mind you it was funny.  When HB's Daddy took her to see Mr Tumble through the barriers she didn't seem to fussed.  Then he moved.  "He's real!" She squeaked with delight!  Adorable.  So many famous faces were about today, mostly foodies!  The gruffalo was my favourite though.


HB Found a big cheese...

They went hunting for fruit in a bucket of oats!

Then we got to the farm and feed the animals...

My favourite part of the farm was the butterflies though!  I wish I could have spent longer in there even though it was so hot and SO humid!

This one landed on C.  It was huge!

But that's not all.  As we were wandering we came across a man fishing.  He was there helping all the little ones have a go.  The girls were so keen.  I was amazed at how quickly that man caught fish!

HB's super big fish!  Grandad will be proud!

After chilling for a bit...

... They took advantage of the free bouncy castle and the brilliant play area at Jimmy's.

The Hubby and I decided to have a coffee before we left and HB found a tractor to amuse herself with when her dreams came true and a huge rainbow appeared in the sky.  Rainbows are one of HB's favourite things at the moment.  Such a lovely day.  I can't think of a day that would have been better for my little 4 year old princess.

HB the birthday girl!


  1. We love The Gruffalo here, book and show. Did you know you can get a DVD of the theatre show? We got it after taking our oldest to see it 6 years ago and it is probably our most watched DVD!

  2. No we didn't get the DVD. My girls love watching the short film though. Julia is amazing! xxx