Tuesday 20 September 2011


It was Tots plus today and we were making a craft to put up in the church to follow this years Harvest Festival theme, hope.  We decided on a rainbow and I thought it would be very lovely if the children did a large one.  I was surprised how lovely it looked and all the tots had a little go at gluing and sticking!

The hubby has the week off at the moment and it seems a struggle to keep to any sort of  routine.  The girls are loving it though.  We made lovely pressies for their Nana's birthday which is tomorrow.  We made fimo jewellery and C made a little pot for her.  Didn't take a picture though.  Not to oneself, start using that camera of mine. 

The lady from the LA is coming round tomorrow as well.  Strangely, I am not stressed about the visit at all.  The house looks like it's upside down and I haven't checked through what I want to show her tomorrow but I know everything will be fine.  I suppose I am blessed to have such a supportive, pro home education LA official.  I'm sure I will go on a mad tidy up nonetheless, but that's just me when people come round.  Don't know why really, just one of my things I suppose!

I'm catching up with the British Bake Off at the moment and all I can say is I so want to make a chocolate Roulade.  Too late to make a start on it now though!


  1. I love rainbows and that one is beautiful. Seeing one is guaranteed to stop me no matter what I am doing.
    Our LA visits sound like yours. It's nice to hear other people having positive experiences.

  2. What a lovely rainbow :-)