Saturday 8 October 2011

Volcanoes and autumnal poems

Baby's teething so I've very little time for anything like blogging, tweeting or excessive amounts of scrabble at the moment.  She's doing well now.  We're definitely up to 11 teeth now, if not 12.  I can't be sure as I don't wish to lose a finger to find out.  Teeth are so mean. 

C wrote a lovely Autumnal Sonnet today and another little poem that she put on the back of the door where I display bits and pieces the kids do that they're proud of.  Can't give you a picture of it though as the author won't permit. 

Today we started working on volcanoes.  It all started when C and N did some volcano art for a competition.  I must admit geography is one of those subjects that we conciously study.  The girls haven't really taken to working from workbooks and such.  So yesterday I bought a scrapbook and we're all decided that we should put everything we learn about volcaonoes in it.  Maybe the workbooks might be more appealing once they understand a bit more about the subject.  I'm looking forward to making a volcano that actually explodes!

So far I've found some really good sites so far my favourite one is volcano explorer.  Not only does it have brilliant exlanations and diagrams but it is interactive and you can make your own virtual volcano!  It's great fun!

Oh and I've just discovered this fun quiz too!

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