Tuesday 4 October 2011

Aerodynamics at our HE group

I've been wanting to blog this all night and finally I've found a quiet moment in the house.  Unfortunately it's so late it's mainly photos: It's tots in the morning and I need to get up super early!  However I think photos say it best, today was a truly brilliant day so hot it didn't feel like an Autumn day but that made for a great fun play time at the playground afterwards.  Anyway here are the pics people:

These planes were great at teaching how planes are controlled.  They had ailerons, rudders and elevators, great fun!

This table was full of little hands making hot air balloons.

Our very own model turbine, like a jet turbine only much much smaller and powered by candles!  My friend Richard did manage to make it work though!  Fantastic stuff!

A model propeller.  there was paper aeroplane making and a kite was made too.  Best of all smiles were on faces!

Then to the park!

HB not so chuffed she fell face first into the mud!  I think muddy face is a great look for a four year old though!

HB pushing her baby sister.

That was our fanstastic day.  I will be posting a resource about aerodynamics soon, hopefully tomorrow, will post about it on twitter and FB when it's ready!


  1. Looks like it was a fab day. I especially like the model turbine.
    Am off to google ailerons now!

  2. Cool! The turbine was super fun! I will write up how to make your own at home soon. I'm doing a few draft posts based on the aerodynamics day to share with the rest of our Home ed community or anyone else who's interested :)

  3. oool, I'm working on it should be ready early next week! I'm putting a couple of experiments in as well :)