Monday 28 November 2011

Christmas paper chains for maths!

I've wanted to blog all morning but I have only just found the lead to the laptop a little while ago.  I haven't even managed to get a coffee or tea down my neck so far today.  I'm in deperate need of caffeine!

Ahh...  That's better.  Coffee in hand I can begin.  Just a quicky mind as I need to get into town.  Too much to do!

Yum!  Coffee!

We started off this morning with a snipet of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist.  My big two girls have just started the Galore books and wanted to work together.  C more independantly than N but it was nice that they enjoyed working through it.  I'm so glad someone pointed me in the direction of these books, they've been a real success in our house so far.

Well, as I said last night we are looking for as many ways to put Christmas into our 'schooling' at the moment.  Today we came up with paper chain maths.  There has been HBsorting them into colours and counting how many of each colour we have. N, noting it all down ready to make graphs - she's decided to do it tomorrow and I don't blame her, I want to get out of the house too!  We've also measured them, that is each strip and then as a chain and of course there has been pattern making.  Some got wasted, but we just saw that as an oportunity to add some more maths.  Real life maths problems being created all over the place and sparkling with Christmassy stickers!

We'll have fun making the graphs tomorrow.  Perhaps she will make christmassy graphs!

Change of subject slightly!  Just had a man knock at the door.  I thought he was a sales man (well he had a Zenith Windows ID on him) happened to be round warning us of the noise they'll be making.  I felt a little bit silly and am now very glad I didn't slam the door in his face as I'm often doing - I don't have time for all their waffle, I've far to much to do.  I always say no thank you, I'm not too rude...  I don't think.  Anyway the coffee has disappeared and the fresh air is calling!

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