Thursday 17 November 2011

Jurassic fun in a matchbox!

As I sit here and finally get dug into another post my eldest  is competing in the four nations maths challenge and N is by my side decorating her jurassic matchbox decoupage style, it's looking lovely so far.  I was introduced to this home education group by Katie Pybus, and it's certainly created a great excitement in our house!

It's not finished yet this is only the beginning!

Yesterday was great fun!  We had two of our home ed familys round, it was lovely to have a house full of friends.  3 adults and 9 children in my little house, we really did do well!  They watched a film, messed about with salt dough and we left to play and for the time they were round were hardly a trouble.  It was all too exciting for baby H and she refused to sleep until about half 4 in the afternoon! She was up til nearly 11pm last night.  HB suddenly contracted a cold in the middle of the night waking with the nastiest sounding cough, so it's only now that I've dosed up with caffieine that I actually feel something near human.  It was worth it though to see them so happy with their friends yesterday and it was nice to have a a nice chat with good friends.

HB is now ready to draw dinosaurs and decorate her box.  I better get off here and give her some support!

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  1. Those are fab! I am so behind on my blog reading this week. Having a mammoth catch-up :)