Tuesday 15 November 2011

More Yummy Maths!

Puzzle from yesterday

Today's craft from tots

Yesterday we had a dinosaury day which finished off with a brilliant dinosaur puzzle.  It had loads o information about the different dinosaurs and we all had fun joining in completing it.  Unfortunately they don't seem to make the puzzle anymore, well, not from what I have researched.  I bought ours from our local charity shop at a bargain price of 99p!

All day has been busy but fun.  I made some salt dough Christmas shapes for the children at tots plus to make tree decorations today.  They worked really well and even some of the mums had a go.  One of my friends even pointed out that they make good Christmas presents for grandparents!  I'm going to try and thing do presents the kids can make for the residents in the old peoples home.  I think it nice to have the children doing things for them at this time of year, as it's the children who make it magical after all.

The big 2 bought some sweets today.  I don't normally permit it, I'd rather them bake cakes and cookies, but as a once off I thought it couldn't harm.  They've actually turned out to be a really good maths lesson.

First they counted them.  Then sorted them into colours, making a bar graph of how many of each colour there are.  Then they worked out the mean, median and range.  Worked out some percentages. N also divided them into seven so she could see how many to eat each day so they last all week and C divided them into 14 because she wanted to make them last 2 weeks.  Then got me to show them how to put the information they found about the different colours into a pie chart.

Not bad for all off their own back!  Maths out the the way and we're up for getting our workbooks out.  History first apparently!

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