Thursday 8 December 2011

Independant thinking!

I came down this morning, rather late I should add as H had a bit of a lie in, I was rather shocked to find this sight in front of me...

Not it a bad way by any means.  It's just I'd not expected C to, off her own back, research into how to make a pinata.  She'd found my flour and researched on the computer how to make a good papier mache.  They're, all three of them that is, looking forward to painting them tomorrow.  I really hope it works,  that's what I call using your initiative and that attribute I spoke of yesterday called, self-motivation.

Really if I think about it the covered: english, reading instructions; maths, measurements and art, well it's certainly creative.  It's days like this that make me feel super proud of myself that I chose to home educate the my children.

My friend, another Home Educator who used to live round the corner from me visited today.  It was so lovely to see her, it's been so long.  It was very enlightening how different her experience of home educating in Essex has been to home educating in Suffolk.  There seems to be a lot more of home educators in Essex.  She mentioned a bad situation in Suffolk, years ago apparently, which she seems to believe is the cause of Suffolk Home Educators being more nervous to come out.  I don't know if this is really the reason though, or if there are just less of us round this way.  All I know is that The Monday Group I run is flourishing and there are several other successful groups running too and the more the better in my opinion. 

Home educating without a car is turning out to be very difficult though, so a new car is on the cards now.  It'll be nice to see all those faces we haven't seen for a while.  I hate that public transport is working out to be more inconvenient and more expensive.  So much for the government trying to make the world a greener place.

We had our HE book club today, which was lovely.  All the children had fun drawing the picture of the Selfish Giant's garden the way they pictured it when they read it.  Even the two tots joined in scribbling away!  (I'm not sure the tots were drawing the garden but they were enjoyng scribbling with the bigger children).

Baby didn't sleep all day and I was hoping she'd sleep all night, but she's already woken once tonight...  please sleep baby.

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