Wednesday 7 December 2011

Policed by the public? An HE rant!

Why is it when someone makes the decision to home educate do the general public seem to think themselves the education police?  Why do they think they have the right to interfere in our choice, our right to educate and bring up our  to children in the way we feel is right?

I'm sorry but it's down right rude!  They may not mean to be offensive, they may not realise how they are coming across.  But what is it any of their business?  When a person who has thought long and hard and battled with their own fears, finally decides that yes, they want to home educate that is the decision for them.  Why is it that someone, without being asked, feels it's their place to put them down and question their decision?  Why ask them all the hows, all the whys and all the whens?  Oh, and that all annoying stupid question, do you think you will be able to?  Especially when the child is at primary school.  How insulting is that?  I love this link, I read somewhere when I first home educated and I'm glad Katie has added to her blog.
Why do they think it's their right to ask what text books a home educating family use and what time of the day we'll be teaching?  We don't even have to indulge the LA with such details.  In fact, get a load of this people, we do not have to notify anyone that we home educate at all!  So that 'Oh, you'll have to have someone come and check on you won't you?'  question has just been blown out of the water! 

Today I learnt that this question was asked from someone who has already asked me the very same question to a friend of mine new to Home Ed.  Someone who should very well know the answer.  Or did they think I was lying?  Well, that's friendly!  (excuse the sarcasm).

Here it is bluntly to those of you who are ignorant to home schooling: It is none of your business!  Elective Home Education is, in short, private schooling. 

Children who are in our home education community and are out of the controlling nature of our governments system, this may surprise some of you, tend to come out as very well rounded individuals.  Some of our children even end up getting into universities, some even the likes of Cambridge and Oxford.  The thing is, a lot of home educated children are found to have a wonderful attribute called self-motivation. 

I am not justifying our decision to home educate to those of you out there that feel that your opinions are relevant to us.  Believe me when I say, I have plenty to say about your decision to school your children.  I won't share those views with you.  No, because I know that that decision you have made is none of my business whatsoever! You're decision is personal to you and I would never feel it my place to put in my two pennies worth without invitation.  We are all different and lead different lives and have to make decisions for our individual families.

I wonder what you say behind our backs?!  You are not any authority over our lives.  Also, some of you out there, that I thought to be a friend, I feel disappointed in.  In my mind a friend is someone who is supportive, who tells you the truth when an opinion has been asked for (I highlighted that on purpose) and takes the weight off your shoulders not make a burden heavier.  My husband always says I'm striving for the 'ideal world'.  However, I don't think it's such a bad way to lead your life.  If I could help make a little difference in the right direction it would be good.

There that's out of the system now!


  1. Well I for one do not see to point of striving for a mundane mediocre world so go you! Agree with all of this.

  2. Very well put and just what I needed to read today so thank you very much!

  3. Claps hands loudly! Well said Lisa!
    Hugs xx

  4. I hear you Lisa. I hear you. :-) x