Saturday 7 January 2012

Educating themselves...

Watch out a 6 year old with a pair of scissors all by herself!
No worries she's HEed: she's had plenty of practice!

C's starfish

A little bit of C's book.

another example from C's book.

I managed to get HB booked in for a drama club this morning; it runs the same time as her big sisters swimming lessons.  I know she's going to all that singing, dancing and acting and for just £4 a session is a bargain I think.  I suppose I will have to see how it goes.  I will be posting that on her next Saturday I suppose.
I managed to get everything I need for Monday's Home Ed group too.  We're making a fun toy this week as a science 'project'.  It should be a lot of fun.  I haven't and won't have time tomorrow to cook, so I cheated with the snacks a bit.  Breadsticks are a good snack so it'll be fine - there may be some malted milks in my bag too though!

C is desperately wanting to learn how to be a vet, she has for years now.  Every game she buys, every book she buys, all her research in her own time is all animals and vets.  She can't get enough of it.  She loves science, which will help if that is really what she wants to be.  She's always been an avid animal lover and I wouldn't be surprised if she became a dog or horse specialist, we will see though as that is something only time will tell. 

At the moment, as I write this, C has started drawing diagrams and writing descriptions out of the book 'The visual dictionary of Animals'.  I got it from a charity shop for her and she loves it.  It is extremely descriptive and it's labelling is better than in any of her other books.  Educating herself and she does even realise it!  The best sort of education I'd say!

N is quietly making an animal game of some sort next to her. I look forward to seeing how that's going to turn out.  Her games are usually great fun. Oh, she's writing up instructions too!  More learning!

Meanwhile I've been cooking in between getting up and down to type this up and playing with the baby.  The Christmas tree is also being put away in the other room, a special HB daddy job.  I look forward to the decorations coming down now.  I've been itching to do it for the last few days and just haven't got round to it.  I'm itching to move too, hoping for a place that I can spread our stuff out a little and not feel as if I live in complete clutter.  Or is that just one of the cons of home education?  No, it's probably just me.

Anyway, back to the dinner and serve it up this time.  After all I have hungry children to feed... oh and the hubby of course!


  1. It was a complete bargain too at £1.60! Charity shops can be treasure troves! x

  2. Sorry to disappoint you, but I think clutter is an integral part of HE. I tell people it's 'strewing' and 'developing creativity' but I'm among friends here so I may as well admit the awful truth!

  3. I am so gutted to hear that Anne! At least we all know that clutter will be worth it in the end :) I will brace myself for many more years of it now. x