Saturday 7 January 2012

A little bit of structure

Some of you may already know about this website, some of you may not.  I think it is a super place to be if you are a home educator though.  They are not out for world domination, they a are super friendly supportive group of people.

Don't be mistaken by the name, A Little Bit of Structure, it is not just for home educators who are structured.  They don't think that autonomy is any better than structure, or stucture better than autonomy.  They think, as I do, that different things work for different children at different times of their life.  At the end of the day isn't the whole point of home education, teaching our own children the way we feel is best for them as an individual: so they grow into happy, healthy adults successful in their own way, whatever that maybe? 

What I have noticed about A Little bit of Structure is they really bring home educators together as a supportive community.  I have only noticed a great support from this place.  It is not the place to go for a debate.  It is a place to go for comfort, support and cheering up.   It is a place where you can feel safe saying 'I've had a really bad day' without being told to send them to school or made to feel as if you are doing something wrong.  We all have our bad days after all.

Anne, one of the administrators of A Little Bit of Structure, says:

'My favourite thing about Structure is how many of us chime in when someone's day is going wrong.  We may yet be able to give the 'Untidiest House' and 'Least Motivated Child' awards in the same way you get the Oscars!' 

I find that comforting, because somedays do get really tough and nothing but support and hearing how others are feeling the same way or going through similar things is going to cheer you, well certainly me, on those days.

I think if you haven't already discovered them click on this link here:

and then breathe, because it is a little bit of oasis, for those HE moments you need people who understand.


  1. I belong to the group and have recently put the button on my blog to remind me to check in more frequently! I for one, second your recommendation.

  2. I don't know how to get a button... Where and how do I go about getting A little Bit of Structure button and put it on my blog? Excuse my ignorance :o/

  3. We're blushing, Lisa, and if you go to the 'About Us' page on Structure then it gives instructions about how to get a blog button.

  4. How could I have not noticed before! Thank you Anne x

  5. Lisa, your post has really pleased me because in one short post you were able to encompass everything that the Forum is about.
    When we started the forum we wanted a place where we could support one another without bickering and debate, where we could gather information and resources, and just be ourselves.
    I am pleased to say we have achieved that, and its thanks to members, like you, who all come together to help each other out.
    Thank you

  6. Thank you Lisa for that lovely post about us :)

  7. Pleased you all liked the post and you are all very welcome x