Friday 23 March 2012

Reasons to Home Educate No. 4

It's really difficult to put all these reasons into some order; I do know that freedom comes high up on our list!  Ok, I think I have many joint number 1 reasons!

In our modern world life is sped up to a silly rate. Children have less time to play and investigate the world around them at their own pace.

One of the many joys of home educating is the freedom to learn when interests arise, to stop when they've had enough and to take advantage of all those sunny days or snowy days. The freedom to learn in ways that excite them instead of fitting them inside boxes they simply can't or shouldn't have to squeeze into.
The freedom to be who they are is what home education gives a child.
A childhood should be full of happiness, contentment, innocence, exploration and imagination. They shouldn't have to worry about feelings of neglect, being lost, lonely or fearful.

There is also the freedom of the outdoors. All the empty museums, galleries, parks, farms, zoos, beaches etc. allows home educated children to play more freely; even the shops being less crowded allows children to spend time understand the price of things and talk about what they find.

Then there is the freedom to choose who they socialise with. Ok, we are always going to find ourselves surrounded by people who may aren't going to be our closest friends in the whole world, but we as adults wouldn't day in day out put ourselves amongst abusers. If it was happening at work, we would leave and find a new job. If it was in a social group we would leave and find a new social group. That is what a bully is and abuser.  

It doesn't happen to us all, but to some children it does. Sometimes it's the children, sometimes school staff. The trouble is they feel forced to go back and take it day after day usually, in my personal experience, with no support.

Okay, so this is not always the case. Sometimes it isn't that they are bullied, it's just that they don't enjoy being round so many people, sometimes it is nothing to do with the social aspect. The thing is we have a choice and it's all about the choice!
You think home educators don't socialise? Not true. Some home educating families socialise more than schooled children. There are so many home education groups and activities out there. Some people do them all, others do a few.
The freedom of choice!
On top of all this, as a parent, there is: the freedom of going on holiday off peak; seeing my children learning and growing in a world rich with adventure; there is knowing that my children aren't going to hear and read about things against my beliefs and morals without my guidance; it's about knowing my children’s innocence isn't going to be lost prematurely. It's about educating my children about the way life really is out there in the comfort and safety of their own home; it's about not having to worry so much about peer pressure. 
I believe this freedom makes for stronger, healthier minds. It is a lifestyle choice full of freedom that I am glad I have made and would do it all again without a doubt.



  1. Freedom is a really big reason of ours to home-educate for just so many reasons. Free-thinking is right up there with many of the reasons you have already mentioned. HOORAY for Freedom!

  2. This is one of our biggest reasons for home educating our son. We can follow things he is interested in, and to go where we want, when we want.