Saturday 24 March 2012

Successful Home educated people you may know!

I have being reading a few threads on home education forums about how schooled persons are commenting negatively about home schoolers.  All I can say is people like that are ignorant and need a proper education.  Try telling these people below that were home educated they're not educated enough.

Venus and Serena Williams - the famous home schooled tennis players
Julian Assange - Well known for Wikileaks

Abraham Lincoln - Need I say!  President of the USA (there were actually a lot of presidents that were home schooled)

C.S.Lewis - One of the most famous writers.  The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe being his most famous I think!

Albert Einstein - One of the most famous scientist ever!

Erik Demaine - another impressive home schooled person with a PhD at the age of 20!

Thomas Edison - I hate how in here it says he was a drop out, where the truth of the matter is school didn't fit him.  He was an out of the box thinker who didn't fit into those boxes that school had waiting for him.  His mother decided to school him, but from what I have read she unschooled him, certainly from the age of 9.  He started school late due to illness and was to shy to be interactive in lessons.  Like most home educators I meet, his mother was a school teacher - it's surprising how many home schooled children's parents are teachers.  When he was 9 his mum bought him a science book and that's what he immersed himself into; trying out the experiments all the time.  I personally love the story of Edison, can you tell.

Akiane Kramarik - the famous child prodigy artist and poet.

Astra Taylor - an unschooled success in film making.

These are just a few.  Want to know a few more?  Click here!


  1. Einstein? Only a week or so ago we were learning about him and as far as we read we never saw that he was home-educated rather the opposite and he graduated. I gather he wasn't a fan of school but I can't see anywhere that it says he was home-schooled....?

    1. I stand corrected. A source I read earlier stated he was and I believed too quickly.

      I have found this: 'Einstein was largely self-educated. While it is common knowledge that Einstein had difficulty in school, and although technically he wasn’t actually homeschooled, Einstein self- taught himself in every sense, particularly in the field of mathematics.'

      From this source:

      Which is maybe where another source had mistaken. Sorry for my lack of research this time and thank you for pointing it out. I will edit this later to point out my mistake. xxx

  2. I have heard this mentioned about Einstein being home educated before, but not according to his biographies. eg

  3. even better that he leanred byhim self at his level ... gonna miss my HE kids xx