Thursday 5 April 2012

How to make a knitted Easter Chicken!

As I mentioned in my previous post, knitting chickens, my girls love this craft every year.  I also promised a how to make one yourself post, well, here it is.  It was our friend who ran a music class we used to attend showed us this craft and it's sticking in this family.  Last year I had to help N a lot so she was very pleased with herself that she was able to do it independently.  Chiara tried a stripy one this year which I think worked really well.

First you knit a square.  We cast on 15 stitches this year and made little ones, last year they did 25 stitches.  I probably wouldn't do more than 25 or less than 15.

Here is Chiara's square:

Then you fold it into a triangle like so...

Then sew up round the edges leaving a hole the size of one finger for the hen to lay her eggs!

If you add an eye at the head you get this:

You can sew on some felt for the crest on the chickens head it's up to you.

We leave these at the bottom of the bed the night before Easter Sunday and fill them with assorted mini eggs.  You could make a few little ones and use them to have your own special egg hunt I suppose.  Either way is a fun thing to make!

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