Thursday 5 April 2012

Knitting Chickens!

In my post yesterday, I some how forgot to mention a little conversation that went on between my bigger 3 the other day.  N started by saying most people in the world have blonde hair - I thought it a strange thing to say but obviously an observation from her world around her - I said that that was not necessarily true and she went on to say: well no, you have black hair mummy and daddy isn't blonde, he is grey.  I had to chuckle!

With us all being poorly I wasn't able to set up an Easter egg hunt like I did last year, it was such a lovely party too.  Maybe next year; we are so going to miss celebrating with our friends. 

I did promise my girls we would make a Simnel cake this year and so we will.  I've bought the stuff online last night.  I hate not to keep a promise so a cake they shall make!

I am a bit late with all the what shall we do to bring Easter into our home, but we have today, made a start on Easter.  Chiara and N are in the front room at the moment knitting chickens.  It's almost become a yearly ritual.  They knit a square, fold it into a triangle and leave a  small hole at one corner (large enough for a mini egg to pop out) and decorate the other corner as a head.  They're making smaller ones this year, but they can be done in any size.  We like to leave them at the bottom of the bed, a bit like a stocking and fill them up with assorted mini eggs for the girls to find in the morning.

Knitting while watching Frozen Planet!  Multi-tasking!

HB wanted to make Easter cards.  She decided on one being a dinosaur card and another being a dog card.  Anything goes when one is being creative I suppose!

What else happened today?  Well, baby conquered her puzzles which made her very happy and pull lots of very cute and very funny faces...

She was also really busy with the play doh.  I wasn't quick enough to grab a picture though.  It's so lovely watching her grow; always full of kisses and happy faces!

We had the window cleaner round today.  The first time one said he'd turn up and actually did!  £10 worth spending in my opinion; it is so nice to have shiny windows again.  I feel near enough human today.  Not sure if the bigger two girls are going to be up for a walk today, but you never know, we will see.   We have also just found out that the house we have been eyeing up accepts cats.  I'd still like to look at another couple of houses first, but it would make a very lovely home.  I will update you on that one soon hopefully!  I will also post again about those chickens - a how to make one post.  I hope you enjoy this lovely sunny day, I'm still unsure whether we'll be going out yet, we may venture into the garden if it stays sunny!

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