Thursday 12 April 2012

Making coins

I debated whether or not to go out at one point today, that was when the heavens opened and it poured down, but the sun soon shone down and the girls were all so eager for more adventure that I couldn't say no.  H wanted to walk so I managed to fit a couple of bags of bits and bobs in the pushchair and get it to a charity shop. I also remembered to pop into the library to pick up a book I reserved; I'm glad I did as I needed to renew all my books by today!  Saved myself the usual fine.  I did forget to take back some of the books that we've finished with but at least there are no fines!
HB was gutted that the coin making was 6 years +  today, I usually would just squeeze her in but they said how they were concerned she might cut herself.  So silly really, she would have been fine, silly health and safety rules.  She was cheered up when I suggested we do the museum treasure trail first.  I bought her the African train one too, she's recently got into watching the Lion King so was thrilled to do that one.  All three big ones had fun with the trail today...

HB did keep herself busy with a little drawing during the coin making...

It's me can you tell?

Little H joined in too!

N busy designing her coin

The beginning of the coin making...

Chiara's finished coin!
N's finished coin.

Another fun day out, I think we'll be in for a quiet one tomorrow, that doesn't mean we won't be having fun though!  I have nothing specifically planned but with my girls it's bound to be fun.


  1. Very cool coin making!

    1. Thanks Angela x I love our local museum events, they're always such good quality and never too expensive! :)

  2. Wow that looks like a great trip, the coins are fab. I'm jealous!

    1. It was good! It's about the only thing I enjoy about the schoolers having holidays is that the museums put on some wonderful events x