Thursday 19 April 2012

Reasons to Home Educate No.7

I have been reading a lot in home education forums and other blogs too like this one (I particularly love this post).  I have also heard, like so many of us do, people who have their children in school complaining about the length of summer holidays mentioning how difficult it is to keep them entertained; how they can't find enough for them to do.  I love spending as much time as possible with my girls, I don't understand the mentality of it personally; I wonder sometimes why people even bothered having children.  We are all different and I'm pleased because other people's children go to school and mine stay with me, it frees up so much space in the park and other places as I have mentioned many times before; I'm not complaining I'm just saying. 

Why am I waffling on about all of this?  Well, because all this reading has brought to my attention my reason to Home Educate number 7. 

Reason to home educate number 7: I want to enjoy every moment of my children's childhood with them.

To some people this might seem crazy, to others perhaps selfish, but for me it is such a special and short time of life and I want my children and my myself to enjoy the time we have to the full.  I want to see their eyes light up at the new things they discover;  I want to see them achieve their milestones;  I want to laugh with them;  I want to have a close mother/child bond and for my children to know that I will always be there for them whenever I can.
I'm not saying that people who put their children in school are wrong or that they love their children any less or enjoying their children's childhood any less;  it's that, to us, this is the way harmony works best in our home.  Home education is a lifestyle choice and it is one that suits our family for many reasons.  This is one of my many reasons to home educate, so here it is at number 7!


  1. This is a wonderful reason and one of the main ones for us too. We (myself and 2 year old) were always so sad when she went back to school after the holidays as we had had so much fun. Now we get that fun all the time, and little sister is so happy she's home more and gets to learn with her.

    1. Thanks for saying Jade x I think it does make family closer :) I love the way my four play together; well, most of the time lol x