Monday 7 May 2012

The Mildenhall Treasure Animation

I was going through some old pictures yesterday evening when I came across some of the pictures from the animation stations activity that was held over the Easter holidays.  I've only forgotten to collect the DVD (We'll be picking that up this week) then I remembered it was to be shown on youtube.  Do you remember me telling you about the girls doing the Animation Stations event?  If not you might like to read this.  Well, I found it on youtube last night and this is what all the children involved have produced and it is brilliant! 

Chiara and N's little piece of animation is from 4 min 42secs in.  I am such a proud, proud mummy!  It was such a wonderful history lesson for them as well.  They actually got to see the silver bowl from the Mildenhall treasure, mentioned in the animation.  They weren't allowed to touch it, obviously, but they did get to see a bit of the mansion that usually staff are only able to see and get up really close to a real Roman artifact!  I am so impressed with this activity held by our local museum.

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