Thursday 22 November 2012

How to make pretty sparkly baubles!

I was inspired first by the huge amount of sequins we've been storing in our craft cupboard and secondly by the memory of an Easter egg craft I saw earlier in the year.  I'm not sure how others might do it but this is how we did it:-

We used a wooden skewer to put a hole down the middle.  I put a tea towel underneath so not to scratch the table and to keep the polystyrene ball stable.  Then we took the skewer out again and, over the blunt end of the skewer, we put a 20cm piece of pretty wool over it like this...

This mean when we pushed the skewer through the ball again we threaded the wool with it.  Just remember to knot the two ends together so it ends up looking like some thing in the photo below and ready to make all sparkly.  Other things you'll need are: LOTS of pins, beads (we used size 11) and LOTS of sequins.

Get your first pin, slide a bead over it and then slide a sequin (you chose which colour).   Then, all that's left is to push it into your polystyrene ball.
we started at the top like this:

In the end, when they are completely covered in sequins, you will have something like this...

We did stripes but you don't need to.  The patterns you could design are endless.  I hope you try this as we had great fun with it.!

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