Wednesday 21 November 2012

TUTORIAL - Sewing: A simple Snowman bauble

I came up with this project when Honi was looking for a new sewing project.  You could Glue the face parts on but she opted to sew them on.

What you need to have: 
White felt
Black felt
Orange felt
Red felt
A needle
Soft Stuffing (You could use the insides of an old pillow if you want to recycle)
Glue (optional)
What you will need to do:-
First cut out 2 circles we used a ramakin dish to draw round for our template. 
Then, on one of the white circles, sew or glue on the parts of the face.  If you opt for glue allow it to dry before you start sewing.  Carefully pin the 2 circles together with 4 pins.  With the thread use a running stitch.  Be sure that when you do this that you leave an inch gap at the top as you want to be sure your ribbon for hanging your snowman is at the top of the head so he's not hanging upside down.
When you have sewn up your snowman, with the inch (2.5cm) gap at the top you will then be ready to stuff him.  be gentle so as not to rip the snowman apart but be sure that the stuffing is nice and even.  when you are happy that he is full enough cut off about 12cm of ribbon and pin it and the rest of the head together so it will look like this...
I used Naomi's Christmas pud version to show you the ribbon but it's the same principle.
Then, with running stitch again close him up.
When you are finished you can leave him as he is or use glitter to sparkle him up.  That is really up to you.
I hope you enjoy making your snowman decoration!

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