Thursday 13 December 2012

Is daydreaming a bad thing?

Yesterday was a good day.  Yesterday was a busy day.  Yesterday Honi finished her letter to Santa and put it in the post!  It's the most writing she's ever done, I am so proud of her!

Today was an arty day.  We made robins...

Honi made a Christmas lantern.
Then the girls decided that the paints had to come out.

There was also some daydreaming. 

I might go on a waffle her because day dreaming is something I used to do and something school hated me doing.   As an adult I can understand why it frustrated my teacher: 30 or so children one teacher and only 30ish minutes to teach.   I really do think this is another pro to home education for us; I think it is important to give a child time to daydream.  Daydreaming is when a person is being creative.  Creativity should never be interrupted in my opinion; creativity flows and if that flow if broken it can cause a child to be frustrated, it can cause anyone to be frustrated. 

I found that school never gave me enough time for daydreaming, especially and I'm really pleased that my children have time for it.  My 3 youngest children in particular benefit from it.  I love how Naomi, soon to be 8, when I ask her to do something sometimes lets me know that she is busy daydreaming; I love that she realises that daydreaming is important and that it is allowed.

Creativity was certainly flowing today...

And Harmonie and I made this reindeer.  Click here to see how we made him.


  1. i can’t imagine my boys being unable to daydream! basically that means you’re unable to dream, period. so happy they have the chance to think and dream up plans. <3