Wednesday 12 December 2012

Make your own snowman Piñata

How to make a Snowman Piñata
What you need:
PVA Glue
White paper
2 Balloons
A paint brush
2 breakfast bowls
1 large bowl
Firstly we used printer paper instead of newspaper for the white effect (no paint required - unless of course you want to) and instead of a flour and water paste we used PVA glue. 
What you need to do:
1. Cut the paper into strips.
2. Mix a 50:50 ratio of water and PVA glue in a bowl

3. Blow one balloon up full and the second balloon only half inflate.
4. Glue the strips of paper to your blown up balloons, putting an extra layer of glue on top of each piece of paper you stick down until it covers most of the balloon leaving about 5cm - 8cm of the balloon near the knot end like in the photo here:
5.Leave it over night to ensure that it is completely dry and then cut where the knot is with scissors like this and the balloon will deflate like in the photo beneath.

6.Now put the small papier mache ball on top of the larger one.  It should look like this:

Now it is best to fill the bigger papier mache ball (the body of the snowman) with any fillers you choose.  We filled ours with chocolate coins, pens, glow sticks and party poppers.
Using some more glue and water (50:50 again) and more strips of paper stick the head to the body then leave to dry this will take up to 8 hours, so again it's safer to leave it over night.  Then, using pens (or paint if you prefer) paint the details and you will have something like this...

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