Wednesday 27 February 2013

Green Eggs and Ham!

Yesterday morning Chiara received a lovely surprise in the post.  She received this...

Photo: How kind some people are! Chiara received this is the post today, she is delighted - thank you Nicola Stojkovic xxx <3

Chiara loved it.  Her sisters were also excited to see what she had.  How kind some people are.  How lovely it is to be thought of like this.  A big thank you to my friend Nicola who collected all this while on holiday and sent it to us. 

Yesterday morning Honi started with Musical Fractions!  She really loved learning some music and without knowing it she was learning more about fractions too.
I got the glockenspiel out to so she could hear how long and short the different notes were.  She really enjoyed it.  She really tried to make all the notes look right when writing them too.  I will definitely be doing more of that with her, it was very positive.

She did a word game in her new magazine and it showed me how her writing is improving so rapidly at the moment.  Honi also told me today that it was her toy dog's birthday. 

So after all that fun I was told we needed to make cake and I wasn't allowed to help do any of the stirring otherwise Dog would not like it and it was Dog's birthday after all!
We even had a candle in one of the cakes and had to sing happy birthday - ALL of us, those who didn't join in were reprimanded I mention no names (whispers Daddy).  It was so cute!
I am finding that life can be a bit of a roller-coaster at the moment.  Harmonie wanting to be involved with everything but not quite able and stealing her sister's toys that they really don't want her to have.  These moments do get intense, especially when the level of noise rises and it becomes difficult not to find your own voice rising without thinking.  Moments like the toy's mini birthday party really helps lift the mood again or getting out of the house.  We managed both yesterday.
We made it to the museum.  Honi chose to copy a caveman drawing of a woolly mammoth in her sketch pad!  I learnt from one of the members of staff that they're looking for get funding soon to improve the place.  It is very exciting as it is one of our favourite places to visit.  I wonder what they will do.  I hope they make more interactive areas for the younger ones, my girls would love that.
On the way home Honi insisted we made green eggs and ham!  Harmonie agreed it would be a good idea too.  I suggested scrambled eggs but she wanted them to be exactly like they are in the book.  We managed this...
Green eggs and...
Green ham.
Harmonie and Honi so love Green Eggs and Ham at the moment.  Harmonie picks it up and desperately tries to read it.  She reads the title, then the first two pages: Sam I am, Sam I am.(memorised I'm sure but cute nonetheless).  Honi loved it but was upset that it didn't taste as good as she was hoping at least she tried it. 
Do you know they were up til 11pm last night!  Harmonie is usually asleep by 8pm but she was a right pickle!  She was making them laugh so hard.  She made me laugh too.  I went in to try and calm things down and Chiara told me how she had climbed on to the top bunk and jumped on her tummy.  I turned to Harmonie and said that's naughty! Not naughty, not I climbed up! was her response.  Are you lying?  I asked.  Not a lion! Roar! she said.  How can anyone keep a straight face when that's coming out of a 2 year old's mouth!  Yes she did laugh with us!

Now to start today's adventures.  Hopefully with less teasing from their baby sister. 

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