Thursday 28 February 2013

Woolly Mammoths and Calamities

I woke yesterday morning not feeling 100%.  I grabbed myself some painkillers and a coffee before going down to my gorgeous 4 girls.  I'm so glad I did.  I left Naomi and Chiara on Mathletics - World Maths Day is 6th March and the girls enjoyed the practise.  Naomi moved on to Reading Eggs and Chiara did more of her geography project, that was their morning sorted.  I'm still so pleased Chiarahas found a love for learning geography, it was just a matter of finding the right way for her.  The best thing about it is I'm not allowed to be involved with the projects in any way apart from reading it.  She wants to do a guest post on it when she's finished, so if there are any Nessie lovers out there you'll have to watch out for that one.
It did give me time to spend with Honi and Harmonie.  After Honi showing enthusiasm for the caveman drawing of the mammoth I thought I would use it to start her Stone Age project and see where it leads us.  She loved it.
Honi made the front cover...

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook yesterday morning, something we haven't done for a long time.  Weaving on a loom...

The bottom one is Harmonie's attempt with a lot of help from me but she enjoyed trying.
Oh and Honi, out of the blue, decided that today she needed to make a sheep!  Don't ask me why as I don't have a clue.  I have already been informed that the head must be made today.
Mummy I'm just going to make a sheep!
Well, that was the beginning of yesterday.  The latter part of the day was another story.  We went to the coffee shop where Honi did some lovely maths and I got a little more crochet done, then to the shops and when we got back...
Honi tried carrying too much when helping me unpack the shopping which ended in a great big splat of buttermilk on my floor and the pot completely broken. I stayed calm, said it was only an accident and pointed out that was why I tell her not to carry so much.  Anyway, we don't have carpets to worry about.  Everything went back to (near enough) calm and Honi calmed down quickly.  I turned around while in the middle of scooping up the gooey mess to find someone had left the jar of pasta sauce (don't judge me I was too busy tonight to make my own sauce from scratch) right in the middle of the hall way - I should add that it was a glass jar.  So, seeing another accident about to unfold I asked Naomi to carefully take it to the kitchen.  She picked the jar up.  I turned back to the clearing up of butter milk then...
Seconds later came a smash.  Instantly followed by Naomi's tears and apologies.  I tried to stay calm, went with the accidents happen.  Then I began to run out of ways to clean all the gooey mess.  I tried then I cut myself.  I started thinking about what else I could make without too much stress.  I felt like crying but I ended up just being stroppy.  By the time I had finished cleaning that, and ensuring that there was no glass anywhere for the girls to hurt themselves on,  I had five minutes to calm myself down.  Then it was time to get Chiara to her musical theatre class.  Just as we opened the door I looked at my phone to check the time, we were running late, then I noticed I had a new text message - the class had started 15 minutes earlier today!  What an evening it was turning out to be.  So we rushed there (fortunately we are only 2 minutes walk away).  Fortunately Chiara was happy that she made it at all, her friend was there so she had a good time.
My hubby was on his way back from work so I phoned but it was so late I wasn't sure what to do and he thought I was moaning at him so to avoid upset we ended the call until he was back.  I really couldn't be bothered to cook dinner, but in the end I gave in and made Chinese noodles.  Honey, soy sauce and a little Chinese 5 spice.  I would have added chilli too but I didn't think the girls would appreciate it so I left it out.  It was lovely though and it only took 5 minutes.
My lovely husband was a star too.  He came straight home, picked Chiara up from dance class, fixed the dining table - it's been a bit wobbly recently - he did a load of clothes washing, then put the baby to sleep (she was being a pickle, but only for me it seemed).

This morning we woke to a cacophony of noise.  Screaming, wailing, giggling, crying the lot.  The girls are down now and it sounds like Chiara is making homemade banana milkshake, again.  Everyday this week so far.  I love that she's getting to be more independent in the kitchen these days.  Next thing I'll know about she'll be cooking us a roast!

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