Friday 1 March 2013

Lots of pointing!!!

Yesterday was busy!  Chiara and Naomi went back on the computer, more Mathletics for them and I can't stop Chiara with her geography project.  So they went upstairs and I was left once again with the two little ones. 

Harmonie did some art.  She made the letter H from glue and sparkly shells, inspired by a friends post of Facebook a few weeks ago.

Photo: Learning letters using art - thanks Ronni-louise :) Harmonie had great fun with this xxx

She wanted to make another collage afterwards too so it kept her busy for a while.  Honi did more measuring, this time using a paperclip, then a pencil, a straw and trio blocks.

Photo: Pinks eggs!

I did try to make my way to the science cupboard this morning but it never happened, we did dye bouncy egg 2 pink.  Honi was in one of her can't stay still for 2 minutes moods.  So after lunch we went out.  I didn't tell them where but they loved it when we neared the park.  I took them to Christchurch Mansion and Harmonie loved it more than she has ever loved it before.  She pointed at nearly everything...


Harmonie particularly enjoyed the bedrooms at Christchurch mansion, I asked her if she thought queens might have slept there or princesses even.  She thought Princesses and pointed through the door and said 'princesses in there!'  Cute!  The girl obviously wants a four poster bed.

Honi brought her notebook and drew a few drawings and wrote out what they were.

She particular loved snatching the chairs from her sisters so she could sit down and draw.  This was a bit annoying for the older ones.  I don't know why their legs were so achy though - we'd been in all day.

She was drawing these twin boys, her excuse for sitting there.

We had a lovely time and Crocuses and snowdrops were out, promising us that Spring will come soon.

Last night was a struggle to get Harmonie to sleep again.  She plays peekaboo, giggling, wiggling and no matter how hard I try or how late it is she fights her sleepiness until she's so tired she doesn't know what to do with herself.  So Daddy went to soothe her last night after I had done my best and oh, how she protested.  I could hear she was cross but she doesn't usually mind Daddy putting her to sleep, she was just so over tired.  Honi couldn't stand hearing her baby sister cry.  She said, I must rescue her, she's sad and want to cuddle you Mummy, she went in the room, well, peeked her head through the door, Harmonie noticed her and the I want Mummy turned to, I want my Honi!  Very sweet and then she cried again.  Honi ran to me and sobbed, like properly wept, saying I don't like Harmonie crying it's just too sad.  I cuddled her and Harmonie hearing her cries calmed down and went to sleep.  Apparently, once Harmonie had calmed herself down, Daddy had a lovely moment with her before she drifted off and she slept right through the night and awoke in the cheeriest mood.  I was quite taken back at how close my Harmonie and Honi really are, something I really want for my girls is for them to be close.

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