Monday 13 May 2013

Messy science!

I haven't managed to post on An Ordinary Life yesterday, it's been the first day I've missed in ages.  I was going to tell you how the weekend was -  this weekend was great but exhausting!  Staying out until 5am is taking it's toll on me even today, either that or I'm coming down with something.  I suppose having 4 young children makes it impossible to sleep-in but it was fun to be out with friends having a giggle.  It's good to have a laugh and let your hair down from time to time I think.
Actually, I was able to enjoy my evening without a single worry about how the girls were on account of Harmonie loving her Nana so much at the moment.  In fact, as soon as her Nan walked through the door she said to me: Nana here now, you go out, I have Nana.  You go out then come back.  Nana sleep with me!   Toddlers can be so charming, it's great to feel needed hey! 

I did feel a bit guilty leaving my mum-in-law to it, we gave it 15-20 minutes and then I put my head round the door to check Harmonie wasn't playing her up.  She was just about to go to sleep too - isn't that always the way!  I did manage to get her to sleep very quickly after that.  How I love watching that little face drift to sleep!  To think only 6 months ago Harmonie was cross even if I suggested to go out, even with Nana looking after her - how things change.

My main reason for not getting a blog post out yesterday was due to having to prepare for today's science group.  It was very quiet today but still the children had lots of fun with the experiment and we made some new friends too.

We done experiments to learn about emulsions...

We made eggs float and milk curdle...

We had great fun with corn flour slime


We made butter...

We took the girls to the play area for a while afterwards and they played such a lovely game!  We had to tear them away from their friend to get back home in time for dinner.
After a week of taking it easy on account of birthdays and my husband being off I'm rather looking forward to getting back to are more normal routine.  I never seem to get as much done with Kev home all day, he's such a distraction! 


  1. lol Husbands are a distraction aren't they.

    Thanks for a great group again. Its a shame we didn't get a photo of the blue water & glass experiment, that was cool.

    1. You're very welcome, thanks for all you support lovely! x

      It was a fun experiment! I forgot to mention it too! :/ I will quickly edit this post so it gets a mention - it is a good experiment very much enjoyed by Honi usually. Your son done brilliantly with it too!

      Honi wants to make butter again tomorrow - I do have some cream in so maybe...