Saturday 11 May 2013

My birthday!

I woke this morning to four little smiling faces, shouts of happy birthday and smothered in baby kisses.  I woke to homemade cards and presents, a bunch of roses from my eldest.

I woke to the kindest words in card and online.  All after a lovely long lie-in too!  Ok, ok, I am a big kid.  I admit it.
I was pampered by Honi this morning with a face mask before my bath.  I may have found a white hair on my head.  I plucked it out.  I know people say you shouldn't but...

I had a treat of a slice of cappuccino cake with my coffee at the coffee shop and then after dinner this evening...
Photo: My birthday cake as I didn't have a chance to bake one this year :)
My birthday cake.  Normally I would make my own but I didn't find the time this year so I cheated.  Well I better get off here and get dressed up for tonight - Kev is taking me into down for some drinks!


  1. Looks like a lovely day Lisa! The cake looks yummy ;) enjoy your evening out xx

  2. Beautiful roses. Happy Birthday! x

  3. Happy Birthday. Glad you had a good one. I hope you went out and grew older disgracefully!!

    1. Thanks Bridget! Me! Disgraceful! I don't know what you mean ;) lol! I had a great night out didn't get home until nearly 5am! xx