Thursday 4 July 2013

Art: Three Blind Mice!

My 3 year old is still learning through nursery rhymes at the moment and today we got to The Three Blind Mice.  This got me thinking of finger mouse - Do you remember him? If not here is a link to him -  so inspired by Fingermouse and looking through my art draws to see what I had we created the three blind mice.  If you fancy making your own three blind mice keep on reading...

You will need:
Thick paper/thin card
pencil or pen
Googly eyes (optional)
A small piece of tissue paper scrunched up or a mini pom pom.
PVA glue
Step One
Measure out your piece of thick paper so you have a rectangle that is 10cm by 20cm.

Step Two
Then cut off a triangle 10cm from the end of your paper so you have a right angle triangle with two 10cm sides.  (If you are doing this with older children you could get them to do some pythagoras to work out the length of the third side)

Step three
Put the triangle piece to the side and curl the other piece of paper around to make a cone shape like this...

Then glue it down.
Step four
On the triangle you cut out use a two pence piece to draw round and make 2 circles and then cut them out. These will be the ears.

Step five
With more PVA glue stick your half your circles to the inside and then fold them up so they look like this..

and from the back...

You will notice, in the photo directly above, that I folded a bit of the cone in from the back.  This just helped make it stronger.
Step 6
Glue the eyes and the nose on with a few more dots of PVA glue so you have something that looks like this...

This was so much fun we may have to make the farmers wife tomorrow!

What can be learnt from this:
Face parts
Singing - an important part to music
Learning a rhyme
Fine motor skills
Playing out stories

Pythagoras theory if you have an older child

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