Wednesday 16 October 2013

Art: Toilet Roll Snake!

Harmonie, my three year old, started this craft a while back when we were at the Adam and Eve part of our bible study. Today she finally got round to finishing it.

She loved the making so much I thought I would share it on here.

To make your own you will need...

  • 3 finished with toilet rolls
  • green paint
  • green tissue paper
  • any other green paper you can find
  • green fabric
  • red tissue paper
  • sticky tape
  • PVA glue (AKA gloopy glue)
  • sequins (of many colours)
  • 2 googly eyes
Paint your toilet rolls green then leave them to dry.
Glue on pieces of green fabric, green paper and tissue paper.   Leave to dry again, best to leave it over night due to excessive gluing.
Of course if your child wants to choose another colour they can, let them explore that's fine!
Using sticky tape stick the tubes together.  (This can be tricky so you may need to do this if doing this project with a little person - that's if they will let you).
I managed to stick it from inside the tube instead of outside the tube which made it look neater I think but  it's not necessary.
Glue on the googly eyes and make a snake tongue shape.
The very last step to finishing your snake is to add sparkly sequins.   Dollop on little bits of PVA glue and stick on the sequins.
A snake sticks out its tongue to collect data for its Jacobson's Organ, an organ located in front of the roof of the snake's mouth that works as a chemical receptor. Whenever the snake flicks out its forked tongue, it traps chemical particles in the air, which stick to or dissolve in the moisture of the snake's tongue. Once the snake has captured these chemicals it brings its tongue back into its mouth and inserts the tips of the forked tongue into the two openings of the Jacobson's organ where identify and analyse the information they get and act upon it.  it is an extra sense they have.

For the male snake, the tongue is both a sensory organ, and a sensual organ. The tongue plays a vital role in snake courtship and reproduction.


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