Sunday 27 October 2013

Science: 11 experiments on Volcanoes

If you're doing a project on volcanoes these 10 experiments will help you to understand how they work...


Tectonic Plates

Volcano experiment - A fun an easy experiment!  Make your own exploding volcano!

Vocanoes: Volcanic Rocks  - three yummy experiments to make sweets that show us how rocks take different forms.
Volcanoes: Suffocating Gases

Volcanoes: Magma Temperature

Volcanoes: Gas pressure

Volcanoes: Toroidal vortex

Volcanoes: Rising Magma

I run science groups for children in Ipswich in the UK to give you an idea of how I would take them through science experiments to help them understand how volcanoes are formed and work, here is how one of our most recent sessions went... Home Ed Science Club: Volcanoes

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