Thursday 21 November 2013

Learning styles and teaching techniques...

Loads has been going on recently.  I've had an interview with someone about Home Education to help with their dissertation for their degree.  That was interesting, she was interested to know my reasons why I home educate, the curriculum I use and my views on schools.



 We talked about a lot of things but one thing in particular struck me, something I have discovered along our home education journey is teaching techniques, it was highlighted in our conversation...
There are so many different ways, techniques, a child can be taught and the more I write and talk about the flaws in schools the more I realise it just isn't possible for any teacher in any school to give every single child in their classroom all they personally need to learn in an effective manner.  There are lots of reasons why, I personally, think this is and they are:
  • Class sizes are too big
  • Classes are grouped in age brackets rather than ability brackets
  • Even if you were to group them in 'ability' brackets you would then have to group them in learning styles e.g kinaesthetic learners, visual learners etc.
  • You would then have to group them in groups of what interests them most to get the most out of them.
I have four little girls as you know.  All four girls learn in completely different ways: 
  • With my eldest Chiara, I read something out to her, we discuss, we write it down she learns and remembers.  She learns best through words.
  • I read to my 8 year old Naomi, she doesn't understand I can't discuss it with her (it upsets her she can't learn like that) instead she needs to see, we look for photographs, drawings, we draw - she learns through art.  She is a visual learner.
  • My Honi, who is six however is a fidget bum, she can't stay still and if she doesn't want to do something she is as stubborn as a mule.  I find this frustrating because she is incredibly bright but I have learnt that she has to learn in a very different way indeed, she is a kinaesthetic learner, a tactile learner, she has to be hands on.  It has to be visual, it has to be moving! 
Saying all this, even though this is the case and they are all different ages and they all have different learning styles and they are all at different levels I have found a way that I can teach them all. 
I think that is because they are mine: I can discipline them suitably, in love; I love them so I only want the very best for them; learning doesn't take so long when it's one on one so it's easier with only 4 of them. 
It can be exhausting but I love how I have come to know all my girls so well, how I have made learning an adventure for them!
I think children learn far more from being out in the real world too.  Something else schools can't do...
I honestly feel that schools can't be so versatile, their hands are tied by government, large numbers of students and not enough time to teach due to ticking boxes and lack of being able to discipline.  Not only that but a teacher is never as close as a parent, a parent that wants the very best for their baby.

I honestly believe that the only way I can give my children the education they need is to do it myself. 
The system let me down and I'm not trusting it with my children.  There are many other reasons why I'm not putting my girls through the education system, this is just one of them but one very high up on my list!


  1. You are truly a dedicating parent for this beautiful kids. You are on your own perception in school education but about giving more time and how to understand your kids, makes the difference. Thanks for sharing this inspiring article.

  2. Your article is amazing. Every kid can learn new things easily, if someone like you is at their back.