Tuesday 10 December 2013

Dissecting eyes and Mince pies!

This morning we were greeted by Honi's dinosaurs who decided to do some tidying up for me last night!  Makes up for their usual mischief! Ha!
After yesterday and the girls introduction to dissecting an eye ball, my 11 year old, Chiara, wanted another go and my 6 year old, Honi too wanted to join in.  This led to Harmonie, my 3 year old screaming:
'I can do it, please let me!  Look, see I have big hands!'
Bless her I think that must be one of the hardest things about being the youngest, I can't be sure being that I am the eldest child (it's just me and my little sister) but Harmonie does seem to get so upset when the girls do something like this which is interesting but involves sharp utensils.
I felt so sorry for her and could see her frustration and knowing her love for science I had an idea...

I asked her if she'd like to dissect an apple! 
She loved the idea, especially when she saw the forceps.  I was surprised how much she was taking in when it came to dissecting the eyes as after removing the seeds very carefully, she then off her own back started to take the skin off the apple!
Honi however, was thrilled to finally get her hands on a real eye and cut it open!

She needed some help with the sclera (the white of the eye) but even then she gave that a go too.  She stayed surprisingly calm and very smiley all the way through and this is what she found...

She even attempted to put it back together.  She wanted some needle and thread but I said that might be going a little far.  She still tried to piece it back together. 
Naomi, who had no interest in dissecting anything at all was itching to do some baking so after we cleaned up from our science lesson I gave each of my girls a bowl each and they all made pastry.  We left it in the fridge, had our lunch and popped out to the...

Library.  It's been a couple of weeks due to being so super busy. Oh, how lovely their tree and decorations are.  The girls were in heaven being surrounded by all those books too!  I lost count of how many I read but I know I came home with another load full!
As soon as we were back home they got straight on with making their mince pies, I've added the link to my Cranberry Mince pie recipe, it's my favourite and I have a few saved for my mother-in-law too as I know she loves them.

So that, in short, was our day and I am completely shattered but very happy...

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