Wednesday 26 March 2014

Review: The Home Front World War II Board Game

A few days ago I got something I was expecting in the post. It was a board game that I have never seen in the shops before and one, that when having a proper look, really impressed me with it's quality and the amount of detail.  Every part of this game is quality, to give you an idea, the drawing pads that come with it have very high quality paper compared to any other board games with similar pads that I have played in the past. 
Some of the photos on the box itself are from the Imperial War Museum's collection.  The Imperial War Museum, The London Transport Museum and The Herbert Museum, Coventry have all helped with the production of this game to give you an idea of the quality of it.

The lady who created the game asked if I could write something on my blog about it, she felt it was something that home educating families would find very useful and I think she was right but I also think this is an excellent game for anyone around 6 and over! 
So what was it like to play?  Well... 
When I first saw the board I thought how it reminded me of the game Monopoly, but when I took a closer look it was nothing like it.  In each square on the board there are facts about World War II, there are also squares where you have to pick up cards. 
The Read All about It cards, there are 16 of them,  are full of interesting things that happened during the war - I loved how this made it a fun way to learn about what it was like to live through this era - the News Bulletins, there are 28 of them, were similar telling us things like Cinemas and Theatres being closed due to the war and dates to events sometimes too.
All my girls got very excited indeed when it got to the Quick Draw part of the game.  When you land on a Quick Draw square, you have to pick up a Quick Draw card, there are 28 of them, and then a timer is turned and before the sand runs out you need to draw what is on the card.  The only negative I could say about the whole game was the sand got a little bit stuck in the egg timer a couple of times, but not every time, although this certainly did not detract from the fun of the game.

My 11 year old, 9 year old and 6 year old all loved playing this game.  My 11 year old has always avoided learning about the World Wars so far: she says she finds it frightening as she knows her Great Grandparents lived through it and she knows how much people must have lived in fear.  However, this game she loved and she enjoyed all the facts. 
My 6 year old enjoyed attempting to read out all the cards, relished the drawing challenge and gasped at some of the facts.  When we finished said 'CAN WE PLAY IT AGAIN!' It was past her bedtime but we are very much looking forward to getting it out again in the very near future.
There is also a booklet that comes with the game, it includes the rules of play but also has extra facts on top so when you are going round the board you can find something that links.   I think this alone could be our WWII project, I have learnt so much myself about it myself and I love the enthusiasm it has given my girls to want to know more about it. 
To learn more about this game and where you can buy one visit:  Learn about games Ltd
Disclaimer: This is an honest review, all views and opinions on this game are my own.  All I received for doing this review was the board game so I was able to review it properly.  I hope my readers find this useful.

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