Saturday 6 September 2014

Hands on Geography Activities

Here I am compiling all my Geography activity ideas I think of as I teach my four girls about the world they live in - I will be adding more as I go along.  We have enjoyed these projects so I thought I would share them here and will share any successful projects I discover or make up on the way, will also feature here in the future...


Play dough maps - My four year old hated the idea of drawing out a map, but when I go the play dough out things changed.

Tectonic Plates - This activity idea came up when I was doing a project about volcanoes for my under 12's science group.  It is simple and imperfect in ways but it gives children a visual idea of we mean when we talk about tectonic plates and how they move.

Salt Dough Fossils - this is a simple activity which can bring up a lot of conversation as to how fossils are formed.
How do clouds form? - this is a simple and cheap experiment that teaches children how clouds work.

What is soil made of? - This experiment shows you how to separate the different parts of soil and explains what those parts are and why each part is important.


How wind is made - an experiment which demonstrates how winds on earth are created.

Here are 11 science experiments all about volcanoes; 11 ways of learning about geography through science in a hands on way.  Most of these are simple and easy projects that can be done with children of any age, but there are a few that are more challenging.

Geotechnical Engineering project - I thought about how I could do this one for a while before I came up with this.  There is quite a bit of maths hence it being in the NOT SO EASY section.

Photo: My 1st time making homemade fudge worked out really well!
Volcanic rocks - making and eating sweets to learn about rock formation


  1. My five year old will enjoy play dough maps. Thank you for all these ideas-pinning for reference. We will enjoy these. I also hope to model various geographical features in clay or play dough.

    1. Cool! modelling is a great way of making geography more fun! :)