Tuesday 17 February 2015

Maths: LEGO COUNTING activity

I have been thinking of more ways I can help Harmonie with her learning.  She gets bored so easily and drifts off into a land of daydreams and story telling.  I don't want her to think that is wrong but I do want to help her to learn more maths and to read.

She's very much a kinaesthetic learner so I got thinking.

My 4 year old is crazy about Lego so I came up with a few ideas the other night to do with that and this is one of them.  Here's how to play...


I printed out this sheet of numbers for a mix and match game. 


I cut out the digits only.


I found our Lego box and got out a handful of bricks,  1 studded ones, 2 studded ones, 4, 6 and 8 studded ones.  I placed them on the table.


I mixed up the digits on the table in front of her and asked her to find a number.  I started with 1 (ready to work through to 15).


When she found the right number I helped her to find the right amount of Lego studs to match the card.  So a 1 studded piece for  the number 1.

Then I repeated STEP FOUR and STEP FIVE until with got to 15.  She counted to 15  by the end of this activity and she was smiling.  I was so pleased with how it went I added it here to my maths resources.

I hope it will be helpful to others.

Yesterday, we started with just the digits.  I did help her if she got stuck, frustration does not help with learning new things. I played it like a game to keep it fun.  You can use this game to learn the number words too.

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