Friday 20 February 2015

Crochet pattern: Rose bookmark

Crochet rose bookmark

A friend of mine found a photo on the web as something similar to this.  I found this Pin on Pinterest with a link to the two different patterns but not the stem.

So this is how I made mine, it is my very first pattern so I hope it makes sense.

sc      Single crochet
dc      Double crochet
hdc    Half double Crochet
Sl st   Slip stitch

The Flower

Chain 46. from the second chain stitch in from the hook sl st.

Chain in sc next chain stitch (dc chain 1 four times in same stitch) miss a chain stitch, sc.

Repeat until end.

Roll it up and sew together at the base to make a rose.

Stem and leaves...

Chain 12

Second chain stitch in from the hook slip st.* Sc, hdc, dc, 4 dc in same stitch.turn slightly so the rest of the rest of the chain goes out to form a stem from the leaf. Dc another 3 times in same stitch. Dc in next st. Hdc in the next, sc then sl st.

Sl st all the way back to the chain (what will be the stem) sl st through the first chain from the stem and then chain 16.

Slip st in second chain from hook. Repeat from * but instead of chaining 16 at the end, chain 35.

Second chain in from hook sc, sc all the way up to the first leaf, sc into the base of the leaf.  sc all the way the the next leaf, sc into base of second leaf, single crochet all the way to the end.

Tie off and sew to the base of your flower, with the leaves closest to the flower.

You are finished.

Neaten off the lose thread by weaving through your crochet.

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