Friday 3 July 2015

Review: EdPlace

I don't know if you've noticed but there's an online resource out there called EDplace and I have some great news for you: you can try it absolutely free for 7 days to see if it's the tool for you, just click the EdPlace link below and click on Start Learning!

The people at  EDplace gave my girls the chance to try out their site for a couple of months and we found it a very positive experience.  My youngest enjoyed working with me when she had a go, as she doesn't read all that much at the moment, and my other children enjoyed the independence it gave them.
EDplace is filled with lots of worksheets, covering English, Maths and Science from Keystage 1 to 4, that can be completed on line but parents and teachers can control and see what the children are learning.  The more a child uses EDplace the more the programme becomes personalised and recommends certain lessons to engage and help the child in the areas where there could be improvement.

My eldest really enjoyed using their site, she said:

'There's just something about the way it is that makes me remember how to do things and remember the facts.' 

My eldest is very academically minded, she's not always so impressed by online resources but this one she does enjoy; she loved using this as an extra tool, because lets face it, learning is more fun when there's many ways of doing it.

My 10 year old and 12 year old loved the rewards setting.  As the parent you can decide what these rewards can be, whether that is earning extra time on the games console or the telly or extra pocket money, you decide or agree with a reward suitable for you and your child.  All this is optional however.

The worksheets are for all grade, from Primary years up to GCSE. I liked the fact that the worksheets were designed by experienced teachers and the fact that I was able to choose what they should cover that week.  I also got reports of how well they were doing and then, when they had been on it for a while, worksheets were suggested to help with their progress.

I would say it's definitely worth the free 7 day trial and see what you think. 

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