Sunday 21 June 2015

Science, Maths and Website design...

I have recently been asked to write a post about these three subjects and it’s made me think…  There is a lot to be learnt when designing your own website.  My eldest has just started and really it has been very educational.

If you have thought about building a website for your child, or letting them have a go, here are some of my thoughts…

Firstly, there is a lot of maths behind web design.  There’s the calculations of the layouts, shapes, working out ratios – Golden Ratio and Golden Rectangle being one of those.

It’s quite fascinating and I think maths is beautiful, through maths we can create the most beautiful of images and beautiful images are key to a good web design after all.

Most of us think of maths as the opposite of creative, due to the fact that it’s precise and requires logic perhaps.  However, it is because its geometrical shapes, that are so perfectly and precisely measured and created in maths, what we achieve is truly beautiful – that is my opinion anyway.

Using websites to teach science, or present an idea to show how something works is an incredibly important resource.  Science is a very practical subject and websites allow us to see things in 3D.  They allow the user to interact and see science in a way that can be difficult in the real world, making diagrams come to life, something that just cannot be done in a book. 

If you want to know a bit more about webpages and how they are made check out the BBC’s page: How are web pages made?

But who has the time to create these wonderful websites, learn all the html and come up with designs that will impress your audience quickly?  Well, unless you are a whizz at computer programming with an artistic eye this might be very difficult or time consuming.  There is a lot of maths in programming in general. 

Websites use html mostly, unless you a whizz at it, it can be a slow process which is where WYSIWYG editors, otherwise known as website builders, help.  Here are 10 of the best that you can check out here: 
I'm not saying that learning to code, learning computer programming, is pointless.  I think it's really important for kids to learn, my girls love using Scratch and my eldest has taken an interest in HTML very recently too.  Saying that, it's still good to know all your options too and, if you are in a hurry, or you're not ready to do all that coding yet - it's definitely worth looking into Website builders.  

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