Sunday 10 July 2016

Book Review: Hugly and the Missing Carrots

The other day we received a special something in the post...


Hugly and the Missing Carrots!

It's a book written by two dads, Ian Hamilton and Sam Frith, their aim for this book, they say, is to encourage children to learn about nature and its surroundings, growing fruit and vegetables and cooking in which I think they have completely accomplished with their book which has been possible using crowdfunding.  

It is such a lovely tale of love and friendship.  Before we even began reading the book she noticed the special little envelope...


She was desperately eager to open it I encouraged her to read the book first.  

Throughout the whole book she was really absorbed, she took time to talk and laugh at the lovely drawings as we went on.  

Tomorrow we will be making carrot cake - although I will be using my own favourite recipe I have to say...  I do love my own recipe, but we added raisins as inspired by the one in the back of the book, Hugly and the Missing Carrots.

If you are looking for a book for a small person in your life I would definitely recommend this one.  The book itself is lovely and in that little envelope, that my 6 year old Harmonie was so eager to open at the very beginning of the book, contained a small packet of carrot seeds.

Oh!  The excitement of finding this 'special' envelope made her experience of growing carrots even more fun!

The next day I went into town for some compost and that evening, Harmonie and her big sister got gardening.  My garden isn't really much of a kids garden - I'm not going to lie it's my kind of garden - the low maintenance sort - but I did have a couple of big old pots and an old watering can so in no time I had two happy gardeners...

It did make make me laugh the next morning when they ran into my room to tell me that their carrots hadn't grown yet!  It was too cute really!  I will have to buy in some cress to help them with their patience and show them that different plants grow at different speeds and I am ery much looking forward to the day when we see the seeds sprout!

I, as a parent, love the fact that there is the connection between growing the carrots and then using carrots to make carrot cake - something I think we all enjoy eating!  Certainly one of my favourite cakes!  I think some of the most important lessons we can give our children is how to produce food and how to cook it so we are able to eat!  If I was asked to rate this book it would get 5 stars from me!  

If you want to learn more about Hugly and Friends visit their website:


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